BTW 2003
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Opening Ceremony

Welcome Address

Prof. Dr. Bigl (Rector)
Dr. Dr. Maibaum (Ministry)
D. Schubert (City of Leipzig)


Quartet of the Academic Orchestra Leipzig
W. A. Mozart: Divertimento No. 1, D-Dur
A. Dvorak, Quartet in F-Dur, op. 96, "American"

Invited Talks

Frank Leymann Alon Halevy Peter Lockemann
Frank Leymann
(IBM Germany, Böblingen)
Alon Halevy
(University of Washington, Seattle)
Peter Lockemann
(Uni Karlsruhe)
Web Services: Distributed Applications Without Limits
stream | download (26.5MB)
Data Integration: A Status Report
stream | download (36MB)
Information System Architecture: From Art to Science
stream | download (35MB)

Slides and papers of these talks can be found in the proceedings.