BTW 2003
English Eingeladene Referenten

 Frank Leymann, IBM:
"Web Services: Distributed Applications Without Limits"

Abstract: Web services technology is all about distributed computing. There is no fundamentally new base concept behind this and related technologies. What is really new is the reach of Web services and its ubiquitous support by literally all major vendors. Most likely, heterogeneity will soon no longer be an obstruction for distributed applications. As we will discuss, this will have impact on application architectures, as well as the way in which people will think about computing and businesses will use computing resources.

About the speaker: Frank is an IBM Distinguished Engineer, a member of the IBM Academy of Technology, and a professor of computer science at University of Stuttgart, Germany. He is the chief architect of IBM's flow technology, and a member of the WebSphere Platform Architecture Board that sets the overall technical direction of IBM's middleware. In addition, he is very active in Web Service standardization, architecture, technology and productization. In the past, Frank worked on database systems, database tools, and transaction processing. He published many papers in various journals and conference proceedings, filed a multitude of patents, and is the co-author of textbooks on repositories and on workflow systems. He served as a member of program committees and organization committees for many international conferences, and is co-editor of the journal of the DBMS SIG of the German computer society (GI).